Manhattan Recipes: an urban cookbook

As an avid cook, I have certain ideas about how I want a cookbook to look and feel. In designing this book I tried to include the personality and approachability present in so many cooking blogs in a beautiful large format printed book.

Objective: Design a comprehensive book of recipes for the passionate food-lover with an eye toward showcasing fresh vegetables and encouraging culinary creativity within the confines of the urban kitchen.
I created two formats, one 12" x 12" to showcase the photography and serve as a more thorough cooking guide, and then a 6" x 6" pocket version with just the recipes.
Table of Contents for the large format version.
Section divider
Recipe introduction
Recipe layout
One of the informational "interludes" with more tips and tricks for urban cooking.
Cover of the pocket edition
Condensed table of contents containing only recipes.
Modified divider page intended to accommodate the spiral binding.
Modified recipe page that makes use of the whole page for lengthier recipes.
The condensed format didn't allow for individual recipe introductions, so I created this mosaic on the backsplash to showcase the specific ingredients starring in the recipes.
Objective: Create a video in the spirit of the Manhattan Recipes cookbook that highlights the playfulness of urban cooking with a no holds barred sensibility.

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