Home and the Heart: reflections on color

This was a book I created to contain the many studies and explorations that I did of the hue, red-orange, for a class on color at Pratt Institute. We spent a lot of time mixing paint, creating swatches, and photographing our color as we found it in nature. The book was intended to tie these studies together in a sort of narrative of exploration.

Objective: Design a book that fully explores a personalized experience of the color red-orange. Using narrative, photographs, and a series of painted exercises, various harmonies and studies are presented in a way that enhances the viewers understanding of the hue.
Leather-bound, engraved cover of the journal-like book.
Title page in the style of old-timey scientific volumes
The monochromatic color spectrum in both painted and collaged swatches.
Photographic studies of warm and cool harmonies.
Photographs of ceramics created to display a split complementary color harmony.
Additional layouts from the book:

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